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New Release: Widgets, Multiple Templates, and more.

yousaidit widget

Widget Example from Questionland Seattle

This release adds some major new features.


We’ve added widgets for your users. When a user goes to their profile they will see a “widget” link. This takes them to a page where they can personalize a widget for use on their site/blog. The widget displays their profile picture, provides a feed of their Q&A (optionally), and lets people ask them questions. People asking questions are taken to the users profile on your site. There they can direct a question to that specific person and/or open it up to the community.

The widget should increase traffic to your site while providing a nice tool for your users to make their sites/blogs more interactive. It also gives you the opportunity to make your site the home for Q&A. We will be enhancing the user profiles in a future release to further the idea of people/businesses having a “home” on your site.

Multiple Templates: Desktop, Mobile, Widget…

You can now create different templates for different contexts/browsers. You can add templates as needed, but the standard ones we expect you will use are:

  1. Site Template – this is the one you use now and is set up for full screen browsers.
  2. Mobile Template – you can use this to create a template for your mobile users. Typically you’d remove all non-essential content, reduce image use, scale up fonts, etc. We detect the mobile browser and serve the correct template.
  3. Widget Template – this allows you to style your widget to fit your brand.

User Interface:

  • The option to be sent updates about events has been moved to the registration screen so that people can opt-out at sign-up. Previously it was only in the profile and some people were unaware of the fact that the could opt-out there.
  • Users can’t vote for themselves.
  • Entering questions in ALL CAPS converts to lower case (no shouting)


  • User search now searches email as well as username.
  • You can now re-categorize questions in bulk directly from the “posts” list. This is great if you decide to add or change categories.
  • We added a check/uncheck all posts in the posts list.

SEO/Social Links

We’ve added a new tag called {{ page_description }}. This tag contains the content from the elaboration part of the questions – if that is blank it defaults to the category name. By adding it to your page/title description you can further enhance SEO, but it also improves the content shared in social links. Now when someone posts to Facebook it includes the elaboration of the question as well as the title.


The images used for voting and navigation have been replaced with CSS styles to improve performance. This will not effect the look except perhaps in some versions of Internet Explorer where the rounded corners will be square.

Bug Fix:

Questions remaining in deleted categories were generating non-critical exceptions. This has been fixed, but you should still not delete a category that contains questions. Just archive it.

Other minor bug fixes related to badly formatted Q&A


Release Notes: Improved Q Display and Admin Notifications

Directed Questions Removed From Question Lists

When a question is directed at a specific person (featured or not) the question will no longer appear on the “questions” list on the home page or on the subsequent pages. It will also not appear on the category question lists.

The question will appear on the person’s profile page and the person will be notified of the email as usual.

We removed the question from the lists because they were not useful to anyone but that specific person since they can only be answered by that person.

When a question is asked in a category (e.g. Valentine’s Day) the question will still appear on the home page and all featured people in that category will be notified. The only time the question is not shown on the general lists is when it can be answered by only one person.

When the question is answered it will appear on all “answered questions” lists.

Notifications for Admin and Moderators

There are two changes here:

1. Admins and Moderators will be notified of posts reported more than 3 times (frequency can be changed in settings). In previous releases these notifications only went to a single address listed in settings. Now that address is reserved for feedback only.

2. There is now an option to notify moderators/admins every time a question is asked. It defaults to “off”,  so if you want to be notified of all incoming questions you’ll want to go to settings and turn it on.

Allow Others to Answer Questions for Featured Users

When someone asks a featured person a question, they have the option to allow answers from others in the community as well. This is a check box in the “ask” dialog. It was previously defaulted to being checked. Based on feedback we have changed the default to unchecked. That means people will have to deliberately open the question to the community if they’d like.

Add Recent and Requests to Profile Page

The profile page now has a “recent” tab which shows the last 10 activities for that person regardless of whether it was a question, answer or comment.

The profile page also now has a “requests” tab which shows all unanswered questions for that person.

We will be updating the profile page over the next few releases. If you have ideas on how to make it better (style, functionality, ease of use, anything) please let me know in the comments or just email us directly.

Askadelphia Launches!

If you have questions about Philadelphia then you need to head over to Askadelphia and get answers from the people who know.

Want to know the best view of the Philly Skyline?

It’s part of the Questionland Network. If you have questions about Seattle, Boise, Portland, go ask them.

Release 11-28-09 (Bug Fixes)

Suspended User Account Fixes

  • Fix to infinite loop when suspended user tries to login. Now a suspended user will be presented with a static page with a brief description of why they were suspended.
  • Fix to forgot password on pending accounts. Users that lose their activation email used to remain in a “pending” state even after they completed the “forgot password” flow. Now when a user completes the “forgot password” flow, their account is set to “active”.

Other Fixes

  • Clear Alternate Domain Caches: Now all alternate domain caches are cleared when the primary domain caches are cleared from the Admin console.
  • Facebook interstitial pages have a new, cleaner look and feel.

Quick Release 11-19-09

Preview: Now you can preview your questions, answers and comments before you post them. This was our single most popular request from our users. Thanks for the feedback!

Return to place after login: We fixed this annoying issue so now you’ll return to where you started after logging in.


Release 11/12/09

  • Email Notifications to Featured Contributors: Featured Contributors will receive email notifications of all questions asked in their category. This is essential in YouSaidIt’s expert Q&A sites where featured contributors are sometimes the only people allowed to answer questions. The sooner they know about the questions the sooner they’ll get answered.
  • Change Username for Facebook accounts: Now you can change your YouSaidIt username when logging in with your Facebook account. Some people don’t want to use their real name on certain Q&A sites.
  • Add users to multiple sites (Admin only): Now admins can add users to new sites that already exist in other sites. This only applies to accounts that have multiple sites with a shared user-base.

Questionland Boise is live!


The latest city to join Questionland is Boise. The Boise Weekly, some of the nicest and coolest people have launched: You Ask. Boise Answers. So go ahead and ask.

You can also ask questions in Seattle at The Stranger and Portland at The Portland Mercury. We’ll be announcing new cities as they join… and remember there can be only ONE (Questionland is limited to 1 per city and um… you won’t get that reference unless you know the film. Do you?).