Release Notes: Featuring, Archiving, Favorites

We released some minor improvements last night:

1. Featuring Changes

People who are featured in a category no longer appear on the front page. You can make them appear on the front page by intentionally featuring them there. This give greater control over who appears on the front page.

2. Archived Categories

We have found that categories are an excellent way of running panel Q&As. To avoid category crowding we’ve added the ability to archive (previous release) and in this release we have made it so all contributions are automatically closed down when a category is archived.

3. Favorite Answer

The favorite answer has always been represented by an icon of your choosing. The default is a boring star, but everyone uses different things: mushroom, chair, etc. We realized that people new to the site might not be clear on what this is since it only gave a description if you hovered over it with your mouse. Now “Favorite Answer” text has been added to make it more obvious.


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