420: The Straight Dope About Pot

Seattle is one of the most pot-friendly cities in America. In honor of National Pot Smoking Day (4/20), Questionland will be hosting experts – from marijuana enthusiasts to prosecutors – to answer your questions about Seattle’s favorite plant. How should someone grow it? How should they avoid getting busted? Here’s your chance to find out… It’s an online Q&A starting on Monday April 19th until the 23rdGo ask your questions.

The Experts: Norm Stamper, Former Chief of the Seattle Police Department. Peter Holmes, City Attorney, Seattle City Attorney’s Office. Alison Holcomb, Drug Policy Director ACLU of Washington. Philip Dawdy, Campaign Director, Initiative Co-Author Sensible Washington. Ben Livingston, Cannabis Defense Coalition/Seattle Cannabis Resource Center. Kevin Bjornson, Hydrotech Hydroponics.

For those of you who don’t know the origins of 420, it started with a bunch of high school kids who used to meet after school at 4:20 to smoke pot. They called themselves the Waldos because they met by the wall (Wikipedia).

These creative leaps are perhaps not the best advertisement for ingenuity while under the “influence”, but 420 has nevertheless become a national event and while it was once a celebration of the counterculture, pot smoking is now mainstream, or would be, were it not for it’s inclusion in the insane drug war. If you want to know more, hyperlink over to www.questionland.com – dude.


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