Tired of Sex? Read a Good Book

Algorithms are all very nice, but you can’t tell them what you don’t like and they don’t expand your horizons. Worst of all, they have no clue what you feel like reading right now. I’ve confused Amazon to the point of it’s being useless because I buy all kinds of books, some of them for work, pleasure, friends, some of them for my friends kids. If anyone even thinks that I should spend time teaching Amazon what I like then let me say that you haven’t tried it or you have too much time on your hands.

Helping You Find the Right Book at the Right Time

The Stranger has one of the best book editors around. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of books. Here’s what you do: tell him what you feel like reading next, tell him what you like and what you dislike and tell him if you want to read something in a different genre or format. He recommended I read a graphic novel that was in the style of the things I liked. It was great.

Tired of Sex?

Most “advice columns” are focused on manners, relationships and sex. At last there’s one that focuses on more intellectual pursuits. Reading through his past recommendations is a treat in itself, no need to even ask a question, you’ll get all kinds of ideas of what to read. And if you’re not tired of sex, then go read Savage Love. You won’t have to go far, it’s in the same place.


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