Q&A sites “worse than Wikipedia”?

In a recent survey by Media Interactive, users of Japanese Q&A sites were asked how reliable they felt the answers were. Almost 90% felt they were somewhat or sufficiently reliable. Most of these people were users of the Japanese equivalent of Yahoo Answers.


Personally, I have no experience with the Japanese version of Yahoo but if it’s anything like the American version, I’d say the best thing about it was not the quality of the answers so much as the speed.

Worse than Wikipedia!

So I’m not a big fan of Yahoo Answers despite it’s runaway popularity. But one of the people who blogged about the result of the Japanese survey and his personal experience with the American version, said that he thought it was even “worse than Wikipedia for reliability”

What’s the opposite of “damned with faint praise”? I’m fainting with the damned praise. I think most sites would be glad to be considered even worse than a site that has held it’s own against the Encyclopedia Britannica.


2 responses to “Q&A sites “worse than Wikipedia”?

  1. I think that would be praising with faint damnation (or faint criticism). Agreed, that’s the kind of criticism that makes you say “not bad at all.”

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