Q&A and Politics: McGinn taking questions on Questionland…

Warning: This post may be offensive to Republicans. I risk being accused of encouraging the terrorists and being against freedom. Ironic given that my liberal friends would rather be shot then be grouped with me and conservatives would rather shoot me then include me. Oh, and just so I don’t leave anyone out, I consider most people who call themselves Libertarians to be Republicans who were embarrassed by that label post-Bush II.

democracy: “I vill be bahk”

There was a day when democrat (small ‘d’) was used in contrast to aristocrat. Eventually that word went out of style to be replaced by Democratic (big ‘D’), the party in opposition to the Republicans. The idea of democracy seems to have gone out of style along with the word.

The good news is that it’s making a come-back in form and function. Bush II started using ‘democracy’ to represent the role of the US in exporting freedom to countries like Iraq. In Bush’s eloquent way it sounded pretty much like it did in the hands of the East German DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, a Soviet puppet regime).

Recently it seems like democracy may be undergoing a true revival. There is the scary side of it in the form of gun toting protesters at health care rallies (say what?) and “tea party” people (not sure what they want). There is also the encouraging side of it: Obama showing up at a meeting of Republican and taking questions and televised debates where the real people get to ask questions via YouTube ( though “curated” by the media).

Mayor McGinn: A Democrat and a democrat.

The new Mayor of Seattle, Mike McGinn, was a populist candidate. He was elected by the little guys and their small donations to his campaign. He went to all the town hall meetings. He appeared on The Stranger as a candidate and took questions directly from the people with no meddling or curating


Now he’s Mayor and he’s coming back to The Stranger to take questions on his performance to-date. There are 46 questions so far. He won’t get to all of them, but based on his previous performance he’ll get to a lot of them. More importantly he’ll go on the record and be held to his answers.

Q&A Does Not a Democracy Make

A Q&A with the people will not make a true democracy, but it’s a start, and these things have to start somewhere. McGinn is a true democrat, he’s willing and wants to talk to the people. Go hold up your end, ask him a question, comment on his answers and vote your approval or disapproval of his approach.


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