Google tests Q&A-specific search?

It was only a matter of time before Google realized the importance of Q&A, and it seems that time has come. According to Google Operating System (unofficial source of Google watcher) they have started testing a pretty cool option for searching Q&A, including the ability to see whether the question has been answered.

Although there were instruction on how to get this to work by changing the Google cookie, it didn’t work for me.

I would imagine that sites like answerly will not be enthused since they use Google Custom Search to drive their site. Or maybe they will be since they will have less work to do to get the same results. Most people probably don’t even use Google options at this point anyway (I have no idea).

The big winners any way you slice it will be organizations that have Q&A sites. These have always done well in search but now I’m betting they will be doing even better… Yahoo! (yes, Yahoo! not Google or Bing! because Yahoo! still dominates Q&A)


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