Ask the KGB?

The KGB went out of business in 1991 and was reborn in New York almost immediately in 1992. Once again, where communism failed good old American capitalism has triumphed. Their Chief People Officer’s (that title makes me a little ill) motto is:  “Vision, Courage, Freedom”. I’m not not kidding.  It seems that they decided that Europe would be the ideal place to get started and they made real progress in England and France. Now they’re ready to take on the good old US of A.

Where best to make the biggest splash? The Super Bowl of course. You probably saw their ad. I don’t think it was the one they wanted you to see though. It seems that their best ad (IMHO) was banned. Yes, you heard me, banned, in that free-est of all places, the exporter of Democracy and free speech, the USA. Fret not, the Internet, is still a bastion of free speech, so here it is:

One Text to KGB: 99 cents. Proving your Husband is an Idiot: Priceless.

For a mere $0.99 you can prove that your stupid, golf playing, husband has his head up his ass. And you can do it from the golf course. Of course, being the wife, you already know the answer, but your husband needs authoritative proof from that most trusted of all sources, the KGB.

Why Be Free When You Can Charge?

These guys (guys?) at the KGB are essentially a Cha-Cha with the difference that they are much much better at making money. Cha-Cha started on the web and figured out later that mobile was the way to go. Since they started in the world of free they still are. No wonder they find it harder to make money. KGB comes from the world of mobile phones (i.e. carrier control, rip off pricing) where it costs a buck just to get someone’s phone number.

The Real KGB

If you were enticed by getting information from the real KGB, I’m sorry to inform you that most of their stuff is still secret. But, if you want a peak at some of the archives that have been made public, you could plow your way through this site.  I wouldn’t recommend it – it scores a 10 on the “dry” scale (parched) and I think it was designed before the KGB went belly up.


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