37 Signals Launches “Answers”

I, like so many others, am a great admirer or 37 Signals. They are one of the few companies that has really reinvented the way a company should work. They do a brilliant job explaining their philosophy and almost uniquely they actually follow their own advice. Most important, their products reflect that.

So when they decide to replace their forum with a Q&A approach I was only more impressed. I’ve been encouraging that people make the switch for a long time and have enumerated the reasons enough times that I won’t repeat them here. But I did in the comments section of their post! (I hate being spammy but I do want people to know. I’m on a mission here).

My only disappointment was selfish, and that was they never knew about us before they did it. Bumr.

Still, I am so glad that one of the most prominent thought leaders are continuing the drive to a better model – promote questions and answers rather than rants and soapboxing, make it easier to navigate and intuitive to use. Nice job.


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