Can someone come up with a new word for what we used to call the “newspaper”?

I’m not referring to the actual paper thing that fewer and fewer people read these days. I mean the company and their product. Like the New York Times, for example, they’re not a newspaper company anymore. They are not a “news service” because that word is really reserved for companies like the AP.

They are certainly not a “news aggregator”, that’s not what that they do, that’s what Google and Yahoo do. Newspapers are running sophisticated multimedia websites with news, editorial and now include user contributions all kinds (e.. The New York Times own among a portfolio of sites).

At the end of the day, it’s still news, mostly, but it’s not clear what to call them anymore. Maybe we’ll just stick with newspapers and it’ll be one of those words with a history that young people won’t understand – like “dialing” the phone or “rolling up” your window.

But hey, if you’ve got an idea, let me know in the comments.


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