How a small local bookstore took on Amazon in Google… and won.

Ravenna Third Place Books is an independent bookstore in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle. It is the model for a non-big-chain bookstore. The place is comfortable, clean (no cats), has a large and great selection of books, exceptional expertise and there is a great casual restaurant in the back (Vios) that is child friendly.

Ravenna Third Place Books

But in a world where discovery has moved online, how would you even know it? They decided to take a more interactive online presence motivated simply by extending their service to the Seattle community online. They didn’t launch a new web site or optimize everything for keywords, etc. They just put up a Q&A for their audience so they could extend their unique expertise and allow the audience to contribute with theirs.

After just “launching” and getting the first Q&A contributions, I decided to see how they would do in a Google search. I had been curious about getting a book set in Seattle and had already asked the question and gotten (as usual) great answers. So I just did that search (note: I did NOT try and game it by asking exactly the same question in Google that I did on the site as you can see from the search box and results list).

They ranked first. Amazing really. Click on it and try it yourself.

great books set in seattle - Google Search


One response to “How a small local bookstore took on Amazon in Google… and won.

  1. SEO is useful not only for big companies but small company also can gain the benefit. Even in Indonesia, big companies do not aware of this marketing method.

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