Release 08-24-09 (Featured Contributors and more…)


  • Featured Only Answers: Site setting that only allows featured contributors to answer questions. Supports implementations that will take questions from the entire community but only want specific people to answer them. See Electionland for an example.
  • Require sign-in to vote: Site setting that requires people to be signed-in to vote on questions and answers.
  • Turn off targeted questions: Allows users to turn off the ability for others to ask them direct questions from their profile page.
  • Featured posts added to reputation: Now a user’s reputation score will increase for every question or answer that is featured by the moderator.


  • Automatically convert URL’s to hyperlinks in user bio and site description fields.
  • Fixes the “greatest” sort algorithm. Now questions and answers are sorted purely by vote counts. Up votes – Down votes with # of answers breaking the tie (in questions) and # of comments breaking the tie (in answers)
  • Vote and Report data added to Admin console.

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