Electionland launches!

Ask Mike McGinn Anything* | Slog | The Stranger, Seattle_s Only NewspaperThe Stranger has just launched Electionland. Their SLOG post is here. The purpose of Electionland is to let the people ask questions of the candidates directly, without the media middle(wo)men. You can ask a question or vote up/down the questions already asked. This latter capabilty may be familiar to some of you because Google offers a similar product, the difference here is that the questions can actually be directed at specific candidates and they can answer them.

The Stranger is starting with Mike McGinn who they endorsed in the Mayoral primary race. They will be inviting other candidates from all the races to participate as the election process continues.

The Stranger continues to break new ground and invent different ways to provide information and entertainment for their community. The result has been one of the most cohesive communities you will ever see associated with a newspaper. An incredible accomplishment in times of seemingly endless social media and struggling news media. At this rate The Stranger may really end up being what their tag line says: “Seattle’s Only Newspaper”.

The Stranger licenses Questionland and now Electionland to other papers but limits licenses to one per city. If you’re interested in licensing Questionland or Electionland email us at YouSaidIt and we’ll help make it happen.


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