Digg Dialogg

Digg DialoggDigg is perhaps one of the most social of all companies and one of the pioneers of the social web and crowdsourcing. They have relied entirely on their customers as the social component to submit and consume great content.

Not long ago they added a new component to their mix (forgive the competitor pun) by adding expert content in the form of interviews. In their interviews a Kevin Rose (their CEO) or famed interviewer would be invited to interview a celebrity of some note. This is seemingly the exact opposite of what Digg is all about – 2 famous people/opinions rather than those of the crowd.

But Digg changed the equation by allowing the “audience” (community) to both choose who gets interviewed and choose what questions they were asked. The Digg Interview was born and while the results are not in, it is a new spin on journalism and new way for a company to be social.

Should all companies allow their senior executives to be interviewed by their employees, customers and prospects? Or at least should their senior executives interview people of interest in their field with questions provided by the customer base?


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