Using YouSaidIt (A guide to easy administration)

The YouSaidIt Admin Console is powerful and easy to use.
You can access it from: http://youryousaiditurl/admin
Here are some best practices to help you setup and maintain a great YouSaidIt Q&A experience:


When people ask a question, they will need to put it in a single category. Add the categories that you think your visitors are likely to need. Don’t worry if you don’t anticipate them all. You can add new categories at any time and you can re-categorize posts from the admin console.


Monkey see, monkey do. Your visitors will follow your lead so start by posting the kinds of questions and answers you ultimately want your visitors to post. Continue this practice often and you’ll find it’s the best way to control the quality of your content.

Note: Don’t confuse “Testing” with “Seeding”. Testing is for making sure things work. Seeding is for setting a model. Make sure to remove all test questions before going live so your visitors don’t mimic unwanted behavior.


Featuring specific questions and answers will display them prominently at the top of the main category pages. You can specify how many featured items you want to display at once (default is 2) from the “Settings” tab of the admin console.

Note: Only the most recent featured items will appear so you don’t have to go back and “unfeature” the old ones.


Give all your staff users a “STAFF” badge. Click on their name in the admin users list and look for the “Responsibilities” section. The more your staff participates the more “legitimate” the site will feel to your audience.


You have complete control of everything that is posted on your YouSaidIt Q&A. If you ever need to edit or remove a post, it’s easy to do from the “Posts” tab of the admin console. If you ever need to contact or suspend a user, you can do it from the “Users” tab of the admin console.


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