Release 05-10-09 (Facebook Feed, Favorites and more…)


  • Facebook Feed: Now you can automatically post your questions, answers and comments to your Facebook feed. Just look for this checkbox on all post forms:
    Picture 2
  • Favorites: Question askers can choose their favorite answer and it will be sorted to the top.
  • Reputation: Favorite answers, Thumbs UP votes and Thumbs DOWN votes are now being displayed on user profile pages.
  • Moderator and Staff Badges: Users that are bestowed with the “Admin” or “Moderator” role will get a “Moderator” badge displayed below their avatar. We also added a new role called “Staff” which will display a “Staff” badge under their avatar.
  • All Contributors: Now you can browse a list of all contributors on a site. Click the “All Contributors” link from the home page under the “Top Contributors” list.
  • Multiple Domains: A site can have more than one domain pointing to it. (For example: and can both point to the same YouSaidIt QA site.
  • RSS Page: New RSS page for generating all available YouSaidIt RSS Feeds.


  • Requests count displaying -1 has been fixed. Now displays 0.
  • Recently asked questions added to email notifications
  • Improved “Greatest” questions list by including question votes in algorithm.
  • Improved “Greatest” answers list by including date posted in the algorithm. Recent answers get ranked higher.
  • Facebook avatars no longer get stretched. Now they are cropped to square.

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