New Rules: Let customers talk to each other!

Here’s the simple truth, if customers talk to each other they may say bad things about your company and they may say good things about your company. If you don’t know what they’ll say then it is risky. It’s scary. Traditionally it’s closely managed by the company. Find the fans, get testimonials and case studies and publish them on the web. Of course they are quite effective, but they are never in the voice of the customer because they have been varnished by a paid copywriter.

It turns out the best thing you can do if you want to be successful in the marketing world of today and tomorrow is engage in a conversation with your customers, and let them talk to one another too. It has to a be a real conversation with real voices from real people. If you do this you will create an advocacy group, you will get huge returns as they spread the word through their networks and you will create better products and service.

Simple. That’s why nobody does it.

What? Why don’ they do it? You tell me. You can go to my company and let me know. I will be grateful that you did.


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