Verizon adds reviews – risky or rewarding?

Techcrunch thinks that adding phone reviews to their sites is probably a bad move. They think people will be more likely to complain than anything else. I checked out the site and it seemed that every phone said “be the first to review this phone”. I can imagine they will get some flack around the Blackberry Storm, but will that tell anyone anything they don’t already know?

Of course Verizon should allow their users to play a role in their marketing. If their products and services aren’t up to that test then they aren’t long for this world anyway. Ultimately it is the social network that will assess and sell your products (whether they are networked or not). Bring them in.

Given my inherent bias refined by experience, I would suggest they go further than reviews. let’s face it, a review is an answer to a question you never asked. Why not let the users ask questions and get answers relevant to their specific situation.

I think this is a wise move on Verizon’s part. It is in their interest for their users to get the best phones to leverage their big network.


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