The different forms of Q&A

Two companies have recently launched Q&A related products: Hunch and Aardvark. I have to say, I love both of their names. Both are open for invites.

Hunch appears to be taking the approach of the crowd-sourced decision-tree. You ask it a question and it in turn asks you questions and then provides an answer and tells you its degree of certainty. It asks you questions so it can get to know you better and give you better answers. Clever idea. It’s early days and early reviews and users seem mixed.

Aardvark is getting far more positive reviews and is self-described “social search”. The idea is that you ask a question and Aardvark forwards it through your social network based on their expertise as expressed on their profiles.

There is a lot of work being done around Q&A, some of it really innovative because one of the main things people do online is ask questions.


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