Facebook connect

Today we will be adding the Facebook Connect login to YouSaidIt. It really is an incredbily easy way for people to login to the site and the fact that it is based on the real identity at Facebook is a bonus. Soon we will be adding the option for Q&A to be posted on the news feed. This will be great for our partners because it should provide exposure for their sites.

We view FB Connect as the first step in providing identity integration for partners. We understand that your users need to be able to login to your site and seamlessly be signed up for YouSaidIt Q&A. The FB Connect work provides the infrastructure for that next step.

Why FB Connect before OpenID OAuth? Because it is so very easy for users. Next we will be implementing OAuth behind the scenes so logging into a partner site logs you into ours.


2 responses to “Facebook connect

  1. Re: OpenID/OAuth – you should check out what the guys at JanRain are doing. They have done a bunch of work to make this stuff easier to implement. Check out the login form at UserVoice as an example:


  2. Thanks Alan,
    That Uservoice login is one of the few times I’ve seen that login process work as it should. Really good.

    Our goal was to integrate with proprietary partner logins so that you’d automatically be logged in to YouSaidIt once you logged into the partner site. We figured it out using OAuth.

    I’ll check out JanRain too.

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