Stop struggling to make a better forum… replace it.

It’s time to replace the forum with an alternative approach. There have been many attempts to make a better forum, but in the end, they are still forums (or fora if you prefer). They still lack the structure necessary to make for a more structred discussion that is useful for the participants, can be navigated by the readers, and finally can make some money for the hosts.

Q&A is the perfect replacement when implemented correctly. Why? Here’s the simple enumerated reasons. Let’s talk if you want to know more:

1. Participants can ask and answer questions which is typically central to most forums.

2. Commentary is included but distinguished from the Q&A content.

3. Easy to navigate, provides great SEO/Google results and searchers are brought to answers.

4. Great for all your users not just the fanatical few. No training or knowledge rquired to use it.

5. You can integrate it with the other content of your site by using your CSS.

6. It will make you money, which almost no forum does, because it’s a good advertising platform.


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