Citizen Journalism Through Interviews

I wrote a post on the NousMedia blog today about The Collapse of the Media. The media is showing signs of collapse and may founder before it reinvents itself (see David WIner).

We believe that interviewing or Q&A may provide a new model whereby communities can mediate their own relationships with people in power or celebrities. By providing communities with the ability to ask questions of these people, to vote on the questions they deem most important, to allow them to be self-moderating… they can decide what questions need answers. Isn’t that decision what media is all about?

The “powerful” people (those holding important political or economic positions) can then answer the questions and can do so without a great deal of filtering and misinterpretation. Of course the community will then need to check that the answers they are getting are true. Based on current experience, there are always people willing to find out the truth of someones claims.

Is this the new model for journalism? Probaly not entirely, but it may be an important piece of it. We’ll be working on creating the tools to enable communities to access the powerful and mediate their own relationships. We expect that the existing media will have an important role to play in this process and that this fostering and management of the communities may be part of their new business model.


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