YouSaidIt goes live!

Hello and thanks for coming to YouSaidIt.

Welcome to the world of interviewing online. We hope you find it good experience and that your interviewees and readers feel the same way. Please let us know how the experience is, good or bad by writing Thanks.

Since more and more interviews are conducted online and published online, we thought it made sense to improve the whole experience. In the process we think the nature of the interview itself will change, as has already started to happen. We want to be a part of the process of reinventing the interview and the technology that makes it an easier and better experience.

Interviewing is so intrinsic to the way we get information, educate people and entertain them, that it’s easy to forget that interviewing is a practice unto itself with varying techniques and formats. It’s used in everything from reporting in the news media to psychiatry, from celebrity interviews to job interviews, from political debates to expert panels.

We’ve been working on this product for quite a while. This first beta release of YouSaidIt reflects what we think are the basics of online interviewing, including elements for all the players: interviewer, interviewee, publisher and audience. You can see some of the features for each of these roles on our product page.

We hope to add a lot to the product in the coming months based on your input and feedback. If you want a closer relationship in the development of the product whether you are a publisher, interviewer, UI designer or developer we’d love to hear from you. We can give you access to our API as well.

We are really happy to be providing this service and looking forward to working with you.

Please feel free to email us personally too. You can reach me at charles -at-


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